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Follow the concept of industry 4.0 in line with 

ISA-95 standard one-stop application solutions

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cofco has 19 bottling plants operating in 19 provincial markets, covering 81 per cent of China's land area and 51 per cent of the Chinese mainland's population. 

Through the energy management system of as, the electricity meter data in the plant is automatically collected to form a standard report, helping enterprises to save energy and reduce costs.

Driscoll's was founded 150 years ago in California, the United States, is the world's well-known brand of fresh berries, is also the world's largest berry company. 

DLPilot in Driscoll's Yunnan base pilot operation.

Founded in 1956, Mei-xin is the largest and most diversified quality catering group with more than 70 brands and 640 branches serving more than 540,000 customers daily.