Advanch Software
Data Acquisition
AS To improve production efficiency for the purpose
Data summary
Analysis & interpretation
Efficient cooperation
Collect equipment data, gateway data, work order data in production, and make it visible and transparent
Optimize the database information, and further maintain the process of "reading-location-refreshing-verification"
Based on the public cloud to complete real-time data update, to achieve zero-distance efficient team cooperation

Data Chat

Data Reporting

​Data Monitor
Analysis Board
Centralized configuration
The target data is clearly visible

Date sualization

Organize your data so you can see what's going on at a glance. Various charts, summary table multi-angle analysis, improve enterprise work efficiency.
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According to the field equipment maintenance information, flexible configuration maintenance plan, online management of equipment accounts
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Flexible configuration Unified management
Make your data more valuable
Collection of data input, data processing, data security management and other functions, multi-dimensional data analysis, to achieve paperless office
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Data Reporting